Monday, July 9, 2012

Audi, Fortune, Porsche, Mini, Volkswagen & Fiat!



Berita ni dibaca oleh Adam tengahari tadi dlm Berita Harian.... yg ni eynda google....

Yang penting ini komen Adam :

" Nasib baik Adam anak mama..... kalau tak, habis la Adam dapat nama kete..."

Kekekekkeke.... ke situ pulak dia pikir ek...

Tahu takpe ye Adam :-D

1...2...3...4...5...Mana baby lagi sorang?

A woman who has given birth to sextuplets named the babies after her favorite car brands Audi, Fortune (Toyota Fortuner), Porsche, Mini, Volkswagen and Fiat, Bangkok Post reported on Friday.
The sextuplets, three girls and three boys, were the first born in Thailand.
According to a Thai tradition, in addition to the names recorded in birth certificates children are given "diminutives nicknames" that often replace the name in informal situations, in family and with friends throughout life. The parents of sextuplets as the true representatives of the Bangkok middle class chose the names of car brands.
Duangchanok Wangwitthayaskul, 29, delivered the babies at Bumrungrad International Hospital at the beginning of May, but the mother and the father of the babies decided to wait for two months before showing them in public.
Duangchanok had pregnancy related problems and the couple for a long time could not have children. Duangchanok’s pregnancy was the result of in vitro fertilisation. After the birth of six children, the parents had to invite relatives to help care for children and hire three nannies.


KhaiRin : anies said...

sng nk igt nnt ;-)

ibh_sue said...


Murni Alfathunnisa said...

senangnya dia bagi nama anak..hehe.

salam kenal.

ratna said...

Aduhaiii...gitu pulak xpe gak dr letak nama lady gaga ker..coco jones.. Britney..

Bitt (doubleIS) said...

bijak adam!
mesti budak2 tu rasa sama kot mcm adam rasa..akekekkekee


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