Thursday, November 10, 2011

How Do I Get Rid Of Arm Flab?

Q: How do I get rid of arm flab? (i.e. batwings or that little bit of extra fat that hangs on the back of my arms?)

A: You might be surprised to hear that your workout routine might not be the biggest factor affecting this area of your body. If the fat on your arms and back is particularly stubborn, there might be more to the story! Dr. Brooke Kalanick, (co-author of my book Ultimate You) and several other functional medical doctors talk about this situation all the time.Flab on the back of the arms can be indicative of low-testosterone levels. 
Testosterone is one of the main "lean hormones" for both men and women--and it's often overlooked in women because it’s typically associated with males. Females already have much lower testosterone levels than men, but many women can have even lower than normal levels due to stress or other common pitfalls, including inadequate protein intake, not lifting heavy enough weights, not training intensely enough (i.e. doing long-distance, moderate-intensity cardio vs. interval training with bursts/sprints), not getting enough sleep, and increasing their estrogen exposure through hormone-laden meat and dairy, plastic water bottles, medications like birth control pills, and even cosmetic ingredients like parabens (common preservatives).
If leaner arms are on your wish list, try reducing your stress level and addressing some of these other common mistakes. I’m confident that you will see a reduction in your arm flab, but if you're still not happy with your results, talk to your doctor about the best strategy for your body and lifestyle.

Source : SHAPE


Sekarang semakin memahami & mungkin dapat terima kenyataan.... kisah workout & diet bukan setakat jaga makan & exercise saje.... banyak perkara yg kita tak duga boleh menjadi punca kenapa kita susah utk turunkan berat badan serta susah utk mendapatkan bentuk badan yg cantik & fit....

Apa-apa pun Insyaallah semangat masih ada walaupun dah lamaaaaaa tak workout & pemakanan pun hentam saje....eynda akan terussssskan perjuangan hingga ke hujung nyawa... Insyaallah... 

Commit to be lean & fit!! Chaiyokkkk :-D


Alin Marlini said...

Chaiyok!Chaiyok!Kak Eynda..

ibh said...

Good luck kak Eynda...Kikikikiii..ambik semangat akak sikit...(^_~)


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