Sunday, November 13, 2011

Save Your Skin From Bad Cell Phone Habits

Take a look at your cell phone right now. Is makeup caked between the keys? Are fingerprints and oil smudged on the screen? Now imagine all the stuff you can’t see that’s going to jump onto your face the next time you use your phone!
You can save your skin by breaking bad cell phone habits like setting your phone down on bacteria-laden surfaces and pressing your phone up against your face without ever wiping it first. The following are some common skin problems associated with cell phones.

  • Breakouts: All the oil, dirt, and makeup residue on your cell phone can clog your pores and cause breakouts. The solution: Wipe your phone regularly, especially if you wear foundation and/or sunscreen, and always clean it when you see residue on it. You can use makeup-remover wipes or antibacterial wipes. Be sure to wipe off the entire phone, not just the keypad or screen.
  • Bacterial infections: Think about all the places you put down your phone — on a bar or table at a restaurant, in a public bathroom, at the gym — and then you pick it up and put it against your face. When you do, whatever bacteria crawled onto your phone get transferred to your face. The solution: Be careful where you set your phone down. Laying it on a tissue, napkin, or paper towel will help keep the cooties away. Don’t worry about people staring &mdsah; let them catch the infection.
  • Petrified ear: A recent report revealed that a man who wore his Bluetooth headset in his right ear for six hours a day, five days a week, developed a swollen, tender, rock-hard right ear, a condition termed petrified ear. The ear became hardened as a result of the friction, irritation, and pressure of the headset, and the inflammation and damage to the ear cartilage were irreversible.The solution: Don’t overuse Bluetooth earpieces. Give your ears a break. When you are wearing the headset, switch sides. If your ear starts to feel tender, or if the headset presses too hard, find a new device.


Banyak perkara yg kita terlepas pandang tentang henpon kan.... mudah-mudahan dapat info berguna dari artikel di atas....

Nasib baik eynda jenis tak suka bergayut chit chat guna henpon.... eynda lebih suka guna henpon utk SMS atau internet browsing... kalau nak chit chat pun tak boleh lama2...cepat rimas :-p Tapi still kena jaga kebersihan henpon jugak la... kotoran tetap ada...habuk... kekadang tangan kita pun bukan bersih sangat masa pegang henpon kan... rasa nak guna henpon pegang aje... maksud eynda tangan yg kering... kalau tengah makan nasi lemak takkan la nak pegang dgn tangan yg penuh sambal tumis hihihi... 

Info : DailyGlow


sisdee said...

dulu rajin chit chat pki hp heheheh sbb pc kat tingkat nie dah mls buat abis bateri cepat jek hahahahahaha

Alin Marlini said...

kekeke..samalah ngan ALin..sambil buat kek sambil pegang henpon..

mrsharis said...

hi eynda..salam ziarah

Betul laaa..sebelum baca ni tak pernah pun terfikir pasal kesan tepon pd kulit muka kita..
thanks for sharing..

tifa said...

Small thing tapi kita tak berfikir kan ?
Lain kali mesti hati hati .
Tengs :)


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