Thursday, December 18, 2008

My daily workout 2

Leg Lifts are a great lower abdominal exercise, but they can put extra pressure on your back if done incorrectly.
Leg Lifts & Raises
Starting Position: Lie on your back, with your hands at your side or just under your buttocks.
Form: Keeping your knees slightly bent, lift your legs straight in the air. Keep your back flat against the floor throughout the movement, especially as you lower your legs. Keep tension on your abs by not lowering all the way to the floor.
Personal Trainer Tips: The lower you extend your legs the more challenging this exercise is for the ab muscles and lower back.
Use your ab muscles to keep your back from arching or simply do not lower your legs as close to the ground. 
This workout eynda boleh buat 10x je so far.....sekarang bila turunkan kaki ke bawah without cecah lantai tu dah kurang rasa ketar2 hehe....tapi part perut masih rasa terketar-ketar lagi....kena pastikan bahagian perut yg rasa tekanan....baru berkesan...:-)

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Sis tolonggggg,

MR dah tersungkur kantoi diet dah ni.. uwaaaa!!


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